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Organisataion-Development-Concepts-sideORGANISATION DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTS – ODC110

  • Understand the core concepts, code and models of OD.
  • Access an organising framework to guide OD practice.
  • Accelerate organisational effectiveness in a healthy way.

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Organisation-Development-Practice-sideORGANISATION DEVELOPMENT PRACTICE – ODP110

  • Apply OD principles and processes in the workplace.
  • Gather and interpret data to target interventions.
  • Design and deploy powerful interventions.
  • Develop and apply influence as an OD practitioner.

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Introduction-to-Change-Management-sideINTRODUCTION TO CHANGE MANAGEMENT – CMG110

  • Select and apply appropriate change models.
  • Identify and respond effectively to complex changes.
  • Develop strategies for overcoming resistance to change.
  • Manage change in the big picture of OD.

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Process-of-Change-Man-sidePROCESS OF CHANGE MANAGEMENT – CMP110

  • Build effective business cases for change.
  • Apply a new-generation Change Toolkit.
  • Practise navigating complex change in The Change Lab.
  • Influence key stakeholders to advance change efforts.

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Facilitation-Skills-sideFACILITATION SKILLS – FAC110

  • Design facilitation processes to achieve objectives.
  • Practise and receive feedback on your facilitation skills.
  • Augment your toolkit of facilitation methodologies and techniques.

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Fundamentals-of-Project-Man-sideFUNDAMENTALS OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT – PJM110

  • Manage OD projects as an integrated journey.
  • Maintain engagement and energy in projects.
  • Apply OD-appropriate project management tools.

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Business-Acumen-sideBUSINESS ACUMEN – FIN110

  • Understand how your organisation creates value (volume, cost and quality issues).
  • Link OD initiatives to the bottom line.
  • Speak business language to influence and engage effectively with line management.

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Strategy-and-Action-Planning-sideSTRATEGY AND ACTION PLANNING – STR110

  • Design and facilitate strategic planning processes.
  • Apply different strategy approaches for your organisational context.
  • Translate business strategy into OD requirements.

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Organisation-Communication-sideORGANISATIONAL COMMUNICATION – COM110

  • Understand a range of formal and informal communication patterns in organisations.
  • Move from ‘buy-in’ to deeper levels of engagement through communication.
  • Explore cutting-edge OD communication strategies.

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Personal-Development-sidePERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – PER110

  • Grow your confidence in consulting and contracting with clients (internal and
  • Increase your self-awareness as an OD practitioner.
  • Develop yourself as an instrument for change.
  • Increase influence and impact as an OD Practitioner.

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Team-Development-sideTEAM DEVELOPMENT – TEA110

  • Analyse team challenges in the broader OD context.
  • Find leverage points to accelerate team performance.
  • Apply a team development model and process.

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Introduction-to-Organisation-Design-sideINTRODUCTION TO ORGANISATION DESIGN – ODD110 

  • Engage with and explore patterns of the organisation that shape the way
    organisational results are achieved.
  • Design and consider past and present patterns in organisations.
  • Stabilise or shift patterns into the future to adapt to change more efficiently.
  • Review the design of organisations in order to reorganise, prepare, choose,
    create and handle organisational transitions in a more effective way.

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  • Master core skills to consult within any organisation as an internal practitioner or
    business partner.
  • Leverage the internal consulting role and increase your influence as a partner to
  • Build a space of interdependence with stakeholders to increase buy-in and engage
    more authentically.

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  • Effective framework to help diagnose issues in your organisation
  • Whether it’s a new organization entirely; a new department in an existing organisation or the reinvention of an existing organization, the fundamentals of the Establishment process are the same. Done well, they produce a sustainable organization that is able to survive and often to prosper.
  • The Adaptation process is a series of phases through which the individual people, groups of people or the entire population of the organisation pass as they respond to the signals to change.

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