Employee Experience, get ahead of this curve!

Last week I attended a webinar hosted by Africa People Advisory Group, they launched their New Ways of Working, pan-African Insights Study. Their findings are fascinating and validated much of what we have been speculating about over the past year. The survey report highlights 6 emerging trends for organisations to consider in planning their people and HR interventions and plans.

I want to focus on the one trend that caught my attention: Key people and HR practices require an evolution to remain globally relevant. Although we’ve known this for a while it is now something that cannot be ignored anymore. The first practice that is mentioned is Employee Engagement and Experience – although the concept and principles of Employee Experience (EX) is quite a new one, I see it being discussed on forums everywhere! Even Customer Experience (CX) is being linked to EX.

Of the 134 companies that took part in the survey, 58% formally measure Employee Engagement, but only 27% have formally adopted the principles of EX. I think we will see these numbers drastically increase over the next year because we cannot ignore the importance of EX anymore.

To help our clients stay ahead of this curve we have developed a Certification in Employee Engagement and Experience, in partnership with the global leaders in EEX research, Willis Towers Watson. The next public course starts on the 17th of August and will be presented online, 1 x day a week over 5 weeks. Click here for more information.

We also have a programme to help managers make the shift from team member to team leader, focussing on leading change, having difficult conversations, making the personal connection to leadership and managing the employee life cycle (making the EX a great one). This course is presented in 6 x half-day blocks over 3 weeks to not disrupt the busy operational cycle and the next course starts on the 21st of September. Click here for more information.

Don’t miss our next OD Talk on 18 August 2021, we have invited our friend, master OD practitioner and provocateur Allon Shevat, (all the way from Israel) to share his insight with us.

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