The Upside of Pride

Did you know that we are registered as a Private Higher Education Institution? Well, we are, and it is something we are very proud of! And did you know that qualifications in Organisation Development are as scarce as hens teeth in South Africa? Well, they are, and we offer just that, the Higher Certificate in OD and Change, something else we are immensely proud of! We are officially re-launching this qualification with the first intake in November this year. More about this later.

This morning I went into the rabbit hole of the philosophy of pride and quickly had to get myself out of there, I am not going to be ashamed of all this pride I am feeling! The Greek philosopher Aristotle said that pride is knowing what we have accomplished and freely acknowledging that we have done it; he ranked pride as a virtue only second to wisdom. There are of course many negative views and sides to pride, but I am not going there today. 

Jump forward from Aristotle by more than 2000 years and you will find it is still a much-debated concept. Nowadays, much writing and thinking is being done about ‘Organisational Pride’ and its positive effect on employee behaviour. This is closely linked to the concept of Employee Experience and an important factor of organisational success. 

Which brings me to my second reason for feeling pride this week: Our Certification in Employee Engagement and Experience.

We have just completed out pilot of the Employee Engagement and Experience Certification this week and the feedback has been phenomenal! We are proud because we are helping our clients getting ahead of this new trend (EX), we are proud because it is a first-of-its-kind certification and above all, we are proud of our students!

For now, enough of my unashamed boasting! Below is more information on both of the above mentioned courses.

WorldsView Academy introduces:

Higher Certificate in Organisation Development and Change: Whether you are building OD capability in your business, want to upskill your HR department with OD skills or thinking of a career move, this qualification will give you a broad and comprehensive overview of OD and Change with a very practical angle. This qualification is accredited with the Council for Higher Education which attest to the quality of the content. Our next cohort starts on the 10th of November with 5 class days over 3 weeks and then resumes in February 2022. 

Employee Engagement and Experience Certificate:  Empower your managers (whether line or HR) to deliver the Employee Experience that results in high engagement and a high performance culture. We look at building the business case for EEX, the theory that supports it, some frameworks, play on a survey platform, analyse results, and deploying interventions to make a difference. The next public intake is on the 26th of October and runs as a 1 day/week online workshop over 5 weeks.

Send me an e-mail if you would like to chat about any of these and hear more about how can help you build leadership development in your organisation

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