Team coaching: the answer to effective and high performing teams

The degree of performance varies among employees. When a person is unclear about their role, the performance variance might become a problem for an organisation. They may arrive late or leave early (or both). They may waste time and cause disruptions at work. They may also have issues with clients or other staff members or even prevent the team from achieving its ultimate mandate. 

In such instances, coaching is one of the interventions the organisation may implement in an attempt to empower their employees. Even the most effective employee ultimately needs to interact and make a contribution to a bigger whole – a working team. In a case of working teams, would it then be more beneficial for an organisation to consider team coaching to promote team effectiveness and high performance?

Team coaching : “Helping the team improve performance and the processes by which performance is achieved, through reflection and dialogue.” – Davide Clutterbuck,2020.

What are the benefits of team coaching?

  • Helps team members understand one another’s talents, limitations, and goals outside of their positions
  • Team members are given the opportunity to form closer bonds with one another
  • Team members are  encouraged to improve their teamwork abilities
  • Team coaching provides a space to effectively address team challenges and collectively come up with solutions (peer-learning)
  • Team coaching gives the individuals a sense of alignment to the team’s vision and mandate.

Our take on team coaching is Purposeful Teams. 

For organisations wishing to achieve strategic goals by using teams, Purposeful Teams™ is a swift intervention that boosts the team performance.

Business benefits of Purposeful Teams™:

  • Being a member of a team becomes a desirable work-form in the organisation
  • Members of purposeful teams are high-performing and effective, and they deliver rapid results for the organisation
  • Members of purposeful teams implement appropriate execution strategies and action plans to deliver strategic objectives
  • The Purposeful Teams™ intervention addresses potentially derailing team processes and relationship issues

Learning outcomes for individuals in Purposeful Teams™:

  • Team members embrace alignment to purpose as a driver of performance
  • Team members renew their focus on important organisational objectives and achieve clarity of purpose
  • Team members identify and work towards key milestones to achieve their purpose
  • Team members engage in meaningful conversations and create action plans to accelerate productivity
  • Individual and team commitments are formed and put into action.

Unlike individual interventions, team coaching ensures the necessary cohesiveness to thrive as an organisation with a shared vision. The sense of belonging and having a common cause also allows individuals to stretch themselves further because of the strong alignment to the core business of the organisation. 

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