Why Evangelise OD?

In 2014 ‘Evangelising OD’ officially became part of our purpose and values and it inevitably became part of our language. I remember loads of debates about using the word evangilise but that never stopped us. Somewhere in the past few years we stopped evangilising the envangilism but I mentioned it to a client today and they LOVED it, so I’m thinking we need to revive our evangelism!

We love OD, we really do, we believe in our work, and we are super proud of what we do and the difference this makes to our clients’ organisational worlds (and often personal lives as well). We can wax lyrical about why each and every organisation needs OD capability, but here’s is a short summary of 7 reasons why we love OD:

OD is important because it improves performance, manages change, enhances employee engagement and satisfaction, supports talent management, shapes organisational culture, resolves conflicts, and aligns the organisation with its strategic objectives. And what organisation does not want or need these benefits?

For the first time in 3 years we have a public Introduction to OD programme coming up in July and there are still a few (virtual) seats left. This is the perfect opportunity to start building OD capability in your organisation. In this 4 x half-day programme we cover the basic concepts of OD, look at frameworks and models, make it practical with our organisational landscape to find, analyse and intervene on organisational issues, all while focusing on ‘self as instrument of change’. 

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