We are so proud of ourselves!

We might sound like a broken record by now, but we can’t stress it enough: if you promote your best performers into managerial or leadership roles, do not expect them to be great people managers if you do not give them the support and tools they need to shift into that role!

We recently concluded our Leadershift programme for 2 groups at a large corporate client. As always, this programme landed well, our delegates were engaged, they showed up for each of the 6 modules with shiny eyes and lots of questions, they challenged us and we challenged them, they learned and we learned, it was absolutely wonderful. We ended the programme with a graduation ceremony that included a red carpet, graduation gowns, guest speakers and lots of photos, it was such fun!

We know this programme works, it’s been tried and tested, but man oh man, the absolute joy we experience when we get personalised feedback from a delegate compares to no other ‘pat-on-the-back’. We would like to share that feedback with you this week, because we are proud but also because we want to advocate for each and every bright shining star that is promoted into a managerial or leadership role to get this kind of training.

Here is a copy of part of the e-mail the delegate sent to us:

Though I was disappointed that I couldn’t make it for the graduation ceremony (I heard great things), I do consider myself lucky to have been part of this training. There’s probably nothing I can say that you haven’t already heard about the content and the impact it makes to all individuals and groups but this is by far the most impactful, accurate and beneficial training I’ve been on. 

It is not only the content that makes it such a special learning experience but also the way you translate the information and how you contextualise the ideas. It feels like you have a deep love and understanding of the content and it spills over into all of us during the sessions. It has such a good mixture of individual learning, group understanding and relationship building. 

Goosebumps!! If you are still wondering if you should invest in training for your (new) managers, we hope this message convinces you to do it!

For more information on our Leadershift Programme, get in touch with us here: info@worldsviewacademy.com