The art of listening

After our Leadershift programmes we always ask for feedback from our delegates and we are blown away by how many of them highlight the listening exercises and theory as one of their main takeaways and something they would like to work on in their leadership and personal development journey. 

We incorporate as much practical work as possible in our leadership programs and Leadershift is no different. We practice listening to understand rather than listening to reply, it is not easy but it is such a gift to the person telling their story to know they will not be interrupted!

Listening is something so simple that it is often overlooked but when practised correctly, it has the power to transform one’s ability to manage and lead people. How often do you put your phone down, look away from your laptop and truly listen, giving your full attention to the person speaking to you without interrupting them? Listening of this magnitude is not simply hearing words; it is the art of truly understanding, respecting, and empathising with others. Leaders and managers who prioritise listening to understand rather than to respond create a culture of trust, collaboration, and respect within their teams. In practise, this means you can truly consider the opinions of your team, and if a decision is made that includes their opinions you are more than half-way to getting ‘buy-in’!

“Attention, the act of listening with palatable respect and fascination, is the key to a Thinking Environment. Listening of this calibre is enzymatic. When you are listening to someone, much of the quality of what you are hearing is your effect on them.”  Nancy Kline. 

We look forward to impacting more leaders in our next LeaderShift! Send us an email if you would like the short brochure.