Boost employee morale through appreciation

The work that we do has earned us the privilege of having a holistic view of organisations. This means that we get insights from every level of an organisation. We often share some little nuggets with you in a bid to inform through the lived experiences of employers and employees that we get to work with, like today!

In numerous occasions our clients have shared with us how important it is to feel appreciated as an employee and how this affects their overall employee satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

Our clients share with us how positive work environments transform their work experiences and productivity. They strongly believe that they thrive in an organisation where each team member feels valued, seen, and appreciated. How can something as simple as showing appreciation benefit your team/organisation, you ask?

When employees feel genuinely appreciated for their hard work and dedication, it uplifts their spirits, and therefore boosting overall morale, improving engagement and commitment to the organisation. This ultimately spills over to reduced turnover rates, high morale/job satisfaction, as well as improved productivity.  

There are simple but effective ways we can show gratitude to our employees and colleagues on a daily basis. A heartfelt thank you or recognition for one’s efforts can have a profound impact on someone’s day and overall mood. Even celebrating small wins/milestones or giving small tokens of appreciation like a handwritten note, or shout-outs in team meetings goes a long way in making someone feel valued. For the receiver this can be something so profound that does not even require a substantial budget or much time and effort, yet it can be so impactful.  

Remember, appreciation is an ongoing effort that should be integrated into the organisational culture. Let’s continue to uplift, support, and appreciate one another to create organisations that have a positive and inspiring atmosphere!