Empowering business partners one workshop at a time

In one of our previous newsletters, we discussed how Effective Business Partnering has become pivotal in building and maintaining successful organisations. Unfortunately, often when organisations adopt the Business Partnering model not much consideration is given to empowering the people to ensure its success.  Recently a client requested a customised short version of our Effective Business Partnering program that includes some elements of team building and we were so excited to design this one-day workshop to meet their unique needs. The positive engagement and post-workshop feedback was phenomenal. Today we would like to share some of the highlights of this remarkable workshop with you:

Unlocking Potential Through Self-Discovery

We believe that self-awareness is a pivotal aspect of becoming an effective business partner, which is why we incorporated the Enneagram personality framework into this workshop. The workshop kicked off with a deep exploration of our delegates’ individual strengths, skills, and potential blind spots. This introspective journey was instrumental in helping our delegates align their unique traits with their roles as Business Partners and as a collective, linking this to their Enneagram Team profile. We firmly believe that a strong foundation in self-awareness is key to success in any collaborative endeavor.

Effective Business Partnering in Action

As the day unfolded, we delved into the heart of the workshop; Effective Business Partnering concepts and practical application. Our delegates had the opportunity to engage in their real work scenarios, adapting the concepts of Effective Business Partnering to their unique organisational contexts. These exercises were complemented by interactive conversations and individual exercises, ensuring a rich and dynamic learning environment amongst the delegates. By the end of the workshop our delegates had done so much self-discovery work, gained an understanding of other team members, establishing how they can work together as a unit and ultimately made actionable steps for collaborating with other stakeholders moving forward.

It makes us so happy to see our delegates walk away empowered and filled with optimism for new possibilities. We extend our gratitude to our client for trusting and choosing us as their partner in organisational development. Through observations and working with long-term clients, we are convinced that organisations that prioritise individual, team and overall organisational development are positioning themselves for tremendous success.