Small talk leads to big things

We began the month of November with an exciting reunion of key founders of WorldsView Academy. This unfolded during our monthly OD Talk, where Craig shared a personal case about his return to WorldsView Academy and the decisions he’s grappling with as he embarks on a journey of digital and organisational transformation for WorldsView Academy. We used that case to explore ways to avoid the pitfall of creating busyness instead of solving issues. We were joined by clients and business partners and intervention designers who have been WorldsView community members for over 20 years!

Here are some of the highlights of this OD Talk:

  • Amid the busyness, it is important to assess if the busyness is productive or counter-productive.
  • Organisations sometimes “consultant hop” and accelerate the “busyness” by implementing interventions without properly diagnosing issues. 
  • The long line of OD: OD work takes time and multiple interventions, and there needs to be thoughtful consideration on how impact is measured.
  • To avoid getting caught up in busyness, you need to clarify your vision and strategy – know what game you are playing and how you believe you can win.
  • People’s needs haven’t changed but the world we live and operate in has. The challenge is to uncover how to design and deliver useful interventions in the “new-normal”, where organisations’ are mastering the notion of digital disruptions and hybrid work.
  • Asking for help can do wonders in times of need because there are more generous people than we think (in the OD community and WVA network). 

This OD Talk ignited wonderful conversations, serving as a reminder of how “small talk can lead to big things” – which Donna Glanvill inscribed 20 years ago in the cover of the first Nine Conversations in Leadership handbook. 

This impactful session has unveiled a realm of exciting possibilities and sparked numerous dialogues that will alter the trajectory of our endeavours. We want to express our sincere appreciation to all those who honoured the invitation and engaged with us. 

“The present is thicker than what we think it is…” – Dave Snowden