We do OD

We are a leading Organisation Development (OD) Academy and our purpose is to help organisations be effective in a healthy way.


Our work is to help change, improve, develop and grow all types and sizes of organisations and assist the people inside those ‘systems’ to be better at how the work gets done, and how people interact in order to achieve their purpose.


We do this through training first class OD practitioners, developing and enabling leaders, managers, and teams at all levels of the organisation to execute on their work in an effective and healthy way!

“OD is a field dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people to accomplish more successful organisational change and performance.” – Gujarat University

Our History

Worldsview Academy was born from an HR consultancy in the 90’s when an international need for a rapidly scalable (good) Leadership Development offering was identified. WVA’s flagship offering, Nine Conversations in Leadership™ was developed in the late 1990’s in South Africa by a team of internationally renowned Leadership Development specialists, many who became permanent WVA employees and associates. This programme has been developed and updated over the years and is trademarked in South Africa and a few other countries such as the United Kingdom. Nine Conversations in Leadership™ has been accredited by the SABPP locally as well as by other institutions such as Middlesex University. From there, other interventions such as Purposeful Teams™ and Heart of Leadership© has been developed, as well as the birth of an OD school in 2012.

Worldsview Academy continued on its ‘trend’ of forming and transforming itself. The past 5 years saw growth and retraction in a difficult financial landscape. The Higher Certificate in OD and Change reached great heights, many students registered and qualified, the faculty and partner network grew and Worldsview paved the road to be a respected as an OD thought leader.


OD Café’s became a much loved monthly event, hosted in the beautiful venue, a welcoming space for anyone interested in OD to come and have breakfast, mingle and learn together. New products such as “New Manager Bootcamp’ and ‘Ready to Lead©’ was developed and landed well in many organisations. The permanent team became small but strong whilst growing the partner network locally and internationally.


We do not yet know what the world will look like after the COVID pandemic, but Worldsview Academy is resilient, confident and stronger than ever. We are ready to take on the emerging (new) normal!

Our Credentials

CHE Accreditation: H/PR1159/E001CAN
SAQA ID: 115552
DHET registration: Pending
SABPP Accreditation No: 6319P055WA & 6319P145WA

In order to maintain the requirements and quality standards of the above mentioned institutions, WVA operates strictly according to these standards. Our developers, faculty, facilitators and consultants are people with a deep understanding of the foundations of OD coupled with many years of relevant experience in the field. All our faculty members are also active consultants in the OD field and all our consultants also acts as either faculty and/ or content developers for our academic offerings. The above does not only ensure that we offer extremely relevant content to our delegates and students but also that all our classes and workshops are made practical by design and by the faculty members who operate in the field on an ongoing basis. We believe that there a few OD consultants in Southern Africa that comes close to the calibre and standard of WVA employees and associates.

Global Coverage

Worldsview Academy has been selling ‘Licenced Interventions’ to our Global community for many years. We have partners across the globe and over 2500 accredited facilitators of which 60% is outside of South Africa.


We currently have active projects in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Greece, Mexico and Congo Brazzaville.

See our Global Partners for more information