About Us

What we are:

We are nuts about organisations. We believe in them the way lions believe in the African savanna and emperor penguins believe in arctic ice. For us, organisations should be places of progress , innovation , joy, and humanity. We learn and tell stories of how organisations came to be what they are, and we facilitate pathways to what organisations  could be.


We want to serve organisations that are working to improve their future.

Our journey since 1994 has taken us to many different places. Over the last 30 years we have represented international programs in South Africa, and we have taken our South African programs international. We have consulted to government agencies, listed companies, private companies, and individuals. We have developed thousands of leaders, and we have strengthened hundreds of teams and organisation development professionals. If we aren’t helping, we are teaching how to help.


From fishing companies to financial services, and from forestry to the stock exchange, we have helped with strategy articulation, structure reviews, process improvement and technology shifts.


We started out in 1994 as a Human Resource Outsource company, and for 10 years we helped with transactional HR work. In 2004 we shifted our focus to Organisation Development, as we tried the solve the deeper issues of organisational performance and organisational health. For 20 years we have helped, and for the next 20 we will continue to help organisations and their people.


Like your road, our road has not been smooth. We have learned the role of survival in growth. We have tasted the bitter fruit of failure and drunk from the sweet wines of success. We have planned, we have executed, we have pivoted, and we have danced with the complexity of organisational life. We don’t preach, we practice. We treasure the scars gathered from our own journey and from the journeys we shared with others.

For organisational leaders who want to improve organisational performance, WorldsView Academy has over 20 years of Organisational Development expertise. We improve strategic clarity, leadership skills and team effectiveness. Unlike business schools and traditional consulting firms, our approach is anchored inside your organisation and guided by frameworks that unlock workforce effectiveness.

Our Milestones

1994 – Founded as Skilled Outcomes, transactional HR Outsource

1998 – Accredited with The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) for UK, previously known as The National Examining Board for Supervision and Management (NEBS) Leadership Development, City and Guilds Assessor Training, Pitmans office staff development management in South Africa.

2004 – Rebranded as WorldsView Consulting as we shifted to Organisation Development.

2006 – Published and distributed “Nine Conversations in Leadership”, an in-company leadership development program used globally to develop more than 10,000 leaders.

2008 – Published and distributed “Purposeful Teams”, an in-company team development program used globally to develop more than 1000 teams.

2012 – Founded and merged with the “Academy for Organisational Change” (AOC)

2012 – Rebranded to WorldsView Academy for Organisational Change.

2014 – South Africa’s Council for Higher Education (CHE) accredits our “Higher Certificate in Organisational Development and Change”, a 12-module one-year national qualification that supported career development for more than 250 professionals.

2021 – New registration of AOC as a Private Higher Education Institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training along with new accreditation by the CHE of the Higher Certificate in Organisation Development and Change.

2015-2022Short program development for leadership, teams, and junior management development in more than 50 South African companies.

1994-present – Advisory services to more than 2000 companies.

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Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to transform individual, group and organisational performance in a healthy way.

We believe in:


Our programmes drive real change through contextual action learning, and bringing people inside the organisation together to learn from each other.

Small and Beautiful

Every grand plan has moments that matter, conversations that count, experiences that change the world. They should be as beautiful as possible for the people caught up in the moment.

Operating expertise

The person with the dirty hands has a say in repairing the engine. We don’t just rely on theory; we also rely on expertise. No two organisations are the same, no two people are the same.

Working collectively

Wherever possible, bring as much of the organisation along with the work. Ivory towers don’t translate into healthy execution.

High-Quality Relationships

People of character working in good-faith relationship with other people of character make the biggest positive difference in the world.

Matching Pace

All change starts at the current pace of the person or the organisation. A runner cannot hand a baton to someone running at a different speed.

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Our Team includes:

CEO: Liezel van Arkel

Consultant and Teacher: Mbali Masinga

Consultant and Teacher: Craig Yeatman

Administrator and Educator: Mike Thoms

Administrator: Richard Taylor

Finance and Administration: Andrew Fraser

Marketing and Communication: Electric Giraffe

LMS and Platform: Synrgise LMS

IT infrastructure: Numata

9 WorldsView / AOC accredited consultants and faculty

24 Accredited (global) process facilitators

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