We exist to help organisations develop the capacity for scalable and sustainable effectiveness, in a healthy way.


We work with the people in the organisation to uncover and address the underlying business issues, building internal knowledge and skills to sustain the enhancements in effectiveness.


At WorldsView Consulting we work with people in organisations to uncover the underlying business issues that hamper organisational effectiveness. We do this by developing solutions that directly address the unearthed challenges and continue to empower in managing these issues on a day-to-day basis. We equip organisations with the necessary skills and know-how to implement the solutions and to sustain the desired levels of organisational effectiveness.


Our sole purpose is to help organisations develop their full capacity to become more effective and to maintain the levels of effectiveness, in an adaptable and healthy way.

What we do

Enable practitioners

Our consultants work collaboratively with internal leaders and practitioners to transfer knowledge and skills, we help build capable practitioners, and through this, capable organisations.

Issue-centric OD

Intervention-centric Organisation Development (OD) (as opposed to issue-centric OD), focuses on treating symptoms without necessarily finding the reason for the symptom. At WorldsView Consulting we believe in helping you to find the underlying business issue and to understand this issue before any solutions are formulated.

Achieve measurable results

We address the underlying business issues as they are directly related to volume, cost and quality. We measure our work against a set of metrics relevant to the desired levels of effectiveness required by your organisation.

Grow your bottom line

Whether you are dealing with growth challenges or performance issues, talent retention, finding an issue or trying to grow your organisation’s change capability, we will work closely with you to address the underlying business issues in ways that will grow your bottom line.

Academic Framework

Our work is supported by the WorldsView Academy of which the consulting division is an integral part of. We have a strong academic board, expert faculty members and an extensively experienced research and development team that serves as the academic backbone to the consulting division.

Follow the Credo

Our work is guided by the Organisation Development Practitioner’s Credo, which provides the philosophical underpinnings and fundamentals of all modern OD activities.

What we do not do

Become a pair of hands

As WorldsView Consultants we do not tell our clients what to do, our role is to work collaboratively with the organisations’ leaders and members to help identify, clarify, prioritise and deal with complex organisational issues.

Come in as an ‘expert’

We help you find, identify and track business issues at different levels of the organisation that hampers performance, we do not identify issues for you. We do not know your organisation like you do.

Keep our OD secrets to ourselves

We know that the best recommendations are worth nothing if organisations are unable to implement and maintain the agreed upon action plan.  Therefore we work closely with your employees and transfer scalable skills that can be harnessed to grow the effectiveness of the organisation long after we leave.


Leave you with reports that you will never open

All recommendations we put forward must match the realities of your day to day business empowering your employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to sustain the momentum of any agreed upon course of action.

Sell interventions

Using the wrong intervention can be even worse than doing nothing at all, and treating the symptom instead of the underlying business issue is not what we do.


Say YES to any project

If we feel that a project is not the correct fit between consultant and client,  or if we are not in a position to best serve our client’s needs we will decline. For us it is not just about an hourly fee or a retainer, at WorldsView it’s about adding value to our client organisations’ effectiveness.

What does this mean for your organisation?

We believe that human beings and human systems are interdependent and that our effectiveness as OD practitioners relies on a shared commitment to certain moral-ethical guidelines.


Our accredited consultants are highly skilled in:


  • Guiding your company to achieve optimal levels of organisational effectiveness;
  • Unfolding and analysing the goals, aspirations, challenges and stumbling blocksfaced by the modern organisation;
  • Helping to identify and track business issues at different levels of the organisation;
  • Enhance learning by closely collaborating with relevant stakeholders, supported by coaching to ensure swift knowledge transfer;
  • Supporting the performance, learning and development of others; and
  • Enable change agility, safeguarding organisational stability in times of change and to ensure that the organisation grows  at the desired rate

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