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Leveraging Teams in Organisations for Maximum Performance and Effectiveness


Increasingly teams are becoming a core component of organisational life and as such require that an OD practitioner be fully literate in the frameworks and dynamics that affect team performance.


This two-day module gives students access to a powerful model and process framework to accelerate team effectiveness.


By exploring the theory around teams, how they are formed and how they are developed, students will be equipped to apply this practically in their organisations and also advise on the design, selection and targeting of team interventions based on their unique organisational contexts to deliver high performance teams. Students will also be cognisant of the dynamic relationship between leadership and OD in the arena of teams and as such capable of partnering powerfully with team leaders.

What will be covered?
  • Analyse team challenges in the broader OD context
  • Find leverage points to accelerate team performance
  • Apply a team development model and process
Who should attend?

Internal and external consultants, management consultants, managers, HR practitioners, organisation development practitioners, change practitioners and organisational and community leaders. Anyone who leads and/or influences individuals, teams, groups or organisations.


Only highly qualified and experienced organisation development practitioners are appointed as Faculty in WorldsView Academy. Faculty members are selected in accordance with the specific module criteria as approved by the Academic Board.

Facilitator Accreditation

Become and accredited Team Development facilitator.

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