Building front line managers, leadership bench strength and operational performance.


We help managers step up into the management role and make the shift from team member to team leader!


Where the development of managers is concerned, we work together with your managers to bridge management education and management practice, so the educationally acquired management knowledge and skills are not lost once the manager returns to the workplace and is faced with the inevitable complexity and pressures of daily operational life.

We approach the enablement of managers to provide them with:
  • A specific management and leadership development structure, informed by their organisation’s systems, policies, processes and culture, to guide and shape their work as managers, and
  • A process and practice for developing and practicing the work of management in their real-world context.
Manage in the context of the organisation:
  • Understanding the management mandate within the context of organisational purpose and strategy
  • Understanding the link between organisational strategy (including vision, mission and values) in relation to their own management objectives and deliverables;
  • Understanding the need to build an aligned organisation, and what it means for the manager.
  • Building community and culture through consistent, purposeful and strategically aligned leadership and management practice.
Managing others

Managing others, including a proper understanding of the manager’s role in the employee management cycle

  • in relation to the achievement of organisational objectives, supported by specific skills for powerful communication
  • The development of individual talent, and building high performance teams
Managing and leading self

Managing and leading self, including the use of instruments and techniques for developing;

  • Deeper self-awareness to develop the “self as instrument” for leading and managing change,
  • Building personal resilience, maintaining high levels of energy and focus,
  • “walking the talk”, and sustaining progress on the self-mastery journey.
Who should attend?
  • Anyone about to step into a managerial/ leadership role
  • Anyone who is already in a managerial/ leadership role but wants to explore the concepts mentioned above

Only highly qualified and experienced organisation development practitioners are appointed as Faculty in WorldsView Academy. Faculty members are selected in accordance with the specific module criteria as approved by the Academic Board.