Organisation Development Practice

Applying the foundational concepts of Organisation Development in the workplace

Live Facilitator Lead Course – NQF Level 5

Building trust and obtaining commitment for Organisation Development interventions is a challenge many practitioners grapple with constantly. The task of balancing needs and demonstrating how Organisation Development will align efforts to the overall organisational goals is complex and requires a solid understanding of the Organisation Development approach to work. This module builds an engagement process for students, deepening their application of the consulting processes and analytical models they will apply in practice.


Completion of ODC110 is a prerequisite to this module.

The need for this module

For practitioners to truly act with impact and earn trust for their work, they need to be able to demonstrate how their Organisation Development work will develop and deepen organisational capabilities and align to overall organisational goals. Through Organisation Development Practice you will learn how to accelerate your impact on organisational change and deliver results in a new way. You will learn how to select an appropriate framework to organise data and retain a sense of the whole system while addressing the issue. Participants of Organisation Development Practice will be able to gather and interpret data, make Organisation Development choices and deploy interventions in their organisations.


You will access the Establishment and Adaptation Landscape of Organisation Development©, a powerful integrative framework, to make sense of data and construct targeted interventions.

What will be covered?
  • Apply Organisation Development principles and processes in the workplace
  • Gather and interpret data to target interventions
  • Design and deploy powerful interventions
What are the expected understanding/knowledge outcomes?
  • Understand the factors which impact on Organisation Development choices.
  • Understand the principles, practices, ethics and a selection of tools for assessing and defining (and identifying possible development options for) organisation elements.
  • Provide examples of integration factors which must be considered, monitored and managed throughout the Organisation Development process.
  • Support all steps in the development of organisation elements by a more senior Organisation Development practitioner or manager.
What are the expected behavioural outcomes?
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the practical considerations and ethics of implementing Organisation Development plans
  • Analyse the current situation with the in-frame group
  • Define the gap and make recommendations for bridging the gap
  • Determine and describe agreed short- and long-term organisational objectives
  • Produce a written report of the results
Class Duration

3-days or 18-hours


Assessment is an integral component contributing to the success of this module. Participants will be required to participate in a variety of assessment activities that include but are not limited to assignments, action learning projects, case studies and examinations.

The WorldsView™ Academy Learning Process

The WorldsView™ Academy Learning Process underlies all WorldsView™ programmes and is informed by progressive research about learning in contemporary environments. Our learning process consists of four learning channels:

  • E-Learning platform that provides both a base for becoming familiar with  the field of each programme, as well as a space for ongoing exploration;
  • A Classroom engagement where our faculty facilitate rich conversations  and learning experiences to deepen understanding of the field;
  • A Workplace Application, often in the form of a workplace project, to   root learning in the actual work experience of learners and to ensure practical relevance and embodied understanding;
  • and an Assignment/Evaluation, usually a portfolio of evidence combined with an examination, to confirm learning and conform to external examination board requirements, e.g. the Council on Higher Education, to formalise qualification.
Academic Faculty

Only highly qualified and experienced organisation development practitioners are appointed as Faculty in WorldsView Academy. Faculty members are selected in accordance with the specific module criteria as approved by the Academic Board. The requirements for the appointment of Faculty include relevant academic qualifications, experience in developing organisations and facilitation or lecturing experience.

Quality Standards in Programme Development

A quality education programme begins with the development of quality modules and courses. World-class design and development standards are deeply entrenched in every programme module, setting WorldsView Academy apart from other educational programmes. Our design and development policies, frameworks and principles guarantee robust processes in the development of learning programmes and material.


These include:

  • Highly qualified and experienced development Faculty.
  • A robust development process.
  • Numerous Academic Board and peer reviews.
  • Integrated Learning.
  • Core themes and philosophies that underpin all modules, ensuring learning coherence.
Who should attend?

New Organisation Development practitioners, Organisation Development practitioners, HR practitioners, Managers and Leaders who want to understand and apply Organisation Development values, processes and practices to drive change.

Entry Requirements
  • National Senior Certificate/Grade 12/NQF level 4 (or equivalent)
  • Age exemption (23 years or older)
  • English at grade 12/NQF level 4 or equivalent
In-company and Customisation Options

At WorldsView™ Academy, we understand that companies have unique organisational needs, which is why we offer customised training and development solutions to best suit your particular requirements. Please contact us for further information in this regard.