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Employee Engagement and Experience

This programme is designed for those with responsibility for creating a great work experience for existing and future employees to attract, engage, develop and retain your talent. Listening to your people, and harnessing their ideas to improve the culture of your organisation is now a mainstream tool for HR and Leaders. Working in a positive and energising environment delivers better results.

Effective Business Partnering

Effective Business Partnering is the process of contracting with internal stakeholders to effectively and constructively manage expectations and increase engagement, with the aim of interdependently achieving desired outcomes, in an effective and healthy way. This involves a process of building a community of internal consultants, who contribute to building a culture of Partnership of collaboration.

Introduction to Organisation Design

Organisation Design is the intentional patterning of behaviour to enable an organisation to survive over time in an effective and a healthy way.


One needs to think of the patterning of human behaviour, to produce organisational outcomes in response to the liberating and constraining effects of structures to shape the way organisational results are produced.

Organisation Development Concepts

What is Organisation Development? Where are the boundaries of this profession and what are the basic ingredients of Organisation Development practice? Learn more about the concepts that make up the whole.


This introductory course is the foundation of the Certificate and introduces students to the profession of Organisation Development.

Organisation Development Practice

Building trust and obtaining commitment for Organisation Development interventions is a challenge many practitioners grapple with constantly. The task of balancing needs and demonstrating how Organisation Development will align efforts to the overall organisational goals is complex and requires a solid approach to work. Completion of ODC110 is a prerequisite to this module.

Personal Development

In any Organisation Development role, your most powerful tool is yourself. It follows, then, that in order to become powerful practitioners, we need to understand and develop ourselves.


A career in Organisation Development is a life-long apprenticeship; so where do we begin, and what strengths should we build on?

Introduction to Change Management

Often we find that too much emphasis on change can lead to a loss of continuity within an organisation. When all change is treated in the same way, from a design perspective, we often confuse the desired outcome of change with the issue. This approach, compounded by the insufficient use of robust measurements to track readiness, progress and impact, can lead to change fatigue and the failure of change initiatives. So, how do we step into the change lead role with clarity, and confidently support sustainable implementation of change?

Process of Change Management

Linking strategy to organisational horizon and level of complexity is imperative if we are to implement effective change strategies for the given environment. Often we find that misalignment between change and reward structure is the result of one-dimensional thinking.


How do we break out of the cycle of using the same patterns, unimaginative engagement and communication strategies which produce the same, unwelcome results every time?

Fundamentals of Project Management

When we have multiple interventions running at the same time, it becomes more difficult to simultaneously manage all interventions effectively.


Often Organisation Development takes a subservient role, becoming over-reliant on the project team because the Organisation Development practitioners do not fully understand the project language or approach. How do we gain a high level sight of the project management landscape in order to manage projects effectively, in the Organisation Development way?

Strategy and Action Planning

What is strategy anyway? Why do different organisations have different approaches to strategy development? The challenges to thinking strategically are compounded by the high operational demands of running a business. What does an Organisation Development practitioner need to know about strategy in order to let strategy guide Organisation Development? When and how does Organisation Development help to shape strategy?

Organisational Communication

As organisations and change interventions become larger and more complex, communication becomes more challenging. We often find that the established communication channels in our organisation are not wholly effective for supporting change and Organisation Development efforts.

So how do we communicate effectively to support increasingly complex Organisation Development needs?

Business Acumen

Business Acumen is the ability to make wise business decisions. Organisation Development practitioners need this competence themselves and need to be able to enhance the business acumen of the entire organisation.


How do we, as Organisation Development practitioners, act with impact and encourage investment in Organisation Development activities?

Team Development

Teams are the key unit of transformation and execution within many organisations.


However, team development is complex and risky and practitioners often find themselves grappling with content, process and design all at once.

With many products on the market and complex team challenges, which team development product should you choose?

Facilitation Skills

Practitioners often find themselves designing and running meetings using techniques which are unable to respond appropriately to the context or address organisational issues.


This 2-day skills programme will provides the necessary skills and techniques for successfully planning, preparing for and facilitating a variety of organisational and group processes.

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