Organisations thrive with the right leadership!


One of the ways you can ensure great leadership into the future is with a strong leadership pipeline. Make sure that you have a clear view of high potential talent and then prepare them for when the leadership opportunity arises!


Are the future leaders of your organization ready to embark on their leadership journey? The prospect of becoming a leader is attractive to most, yet few are prepared for the shift required. To lead is a choice we make, and it is a choice that confronts us with our relationships to Self and Others in profound ways.

In the workshop

Choice requires agency – the belief that we have a choice and the willingness to exercise that choice; yet at each development stage this choice is more or less constrained. Typically for people preparing for a leadership role, their agency is limited to normative agency within their group, and they need to embark on a process of stepping up and claiming their leadership agency. In short, they need to develop a sense of self that will enable independent action.


Ready to Lead is a 2-day workshop of self-discovery to enable authentic agency. Participants build their own “Leadership Compass” to Centre their Leadership Presence: how they show up in relationship to themselves and to each other.

The four cardinal points
  • Choosing a meaningful life – discovering your personal leadership vision and purpose
  • Choosing what matters – exploring the values by which you lead and live
  • Choosing to give your best – gaining deeper awareness and recognition of your talents and strengths
  • Choosing to grow – gaining awareness of your habitual style and habits, and the forces that shape them

Ready to Lead uses a strengths-based approach to help participants develop their own bespoke approach to leading themselves and others. The program is co-facilitated by a Gallup certified strengths coach.

Who should attend?
  • Practitioners involved in talent, learning and development, leadership and succession planning can send delegates that they have identified for this type of development work
  • Practitioners involved in talent, learning and development, leadership and succession planning can attend themselves to experience the program before in-house training is arranged (facilitator accreditation also an option)
  • Anyone about to step into a managerial/ leadership role
  • Anyone who is already in a managerial/ leadership role but wants to explore the concepts mentioned above

Only highly qualified and experienced organisation development practitioners are appointed as Faculty in WorldsView Academy. Faculty members are selected in accordance with the specific module criteria as approved by the Academic Board.

Facilitator Accreditation

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